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2 nd International Workshop on Opportunities for the Automatic Pattern Recognition and Analysis of Historical Documents

February 19-20, 2015 Karlsruhe, Germany

The workshop is organized by the BMBF-funded project eCodicology and will be hosted by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany. The goal of this workshop is to bring together experts from diverse fields such as pattern recognition, digital humanities and information visualization.

The topical focus of the conference will be on all technical possibilities for the automatic pattern recognition, in particular feature extraction, and the analysis of digital images.

The workshop will feature a poster session that will provide an opportunity for young scientists to discuss various topics related to the automatic analysis and computer-based evaluation of medieval manuscripts and digital book collections.

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HAP Workshop Topic 4, Advanced Technologies

24-25 January 2013


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Campus North
Fortbildungszentrum für Technik und Umwelt (FTU)
(Room 157)


Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen


Further information HAP Workshop


Helmholtz Alliance

Physics at the terascale - 7th Annual Workshop

2-4 December 2013 in Karlsruhe                    


  • Electroweak Phenomena and QCD
  • Heavy Flavor Physics
  • Searches for Higgs and Phenomena
  • Beyond the Standard Model
  • Detector Technologies