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Finished final and doctoral thesis

All doctoral and final Thesis of the IPE are recorded in the database of the KIT library north. In the following an overview of outstanding thesis of the IPE:  

title author date

C. Rühle

2014, Dissertation

M. Birk

2014, Dissertation

B. Kohout

2014, Dissertation

K. Reibelt

2014, Diplomarbeit

S. Kudella

2014, Masterarbeit

R. Dapp

2013, Dissertation

Thomas Blank

2013, Dissertation

T. Hopp

2012, Dissertation

S. Heitz

2012, Diplomarbeit

C. Lipps

2012, Masterarbeit

A. Schmidt

2011, Dissertation

R. Lui

2011, Dissertation

T. Maurer

2011, Diplomarbeit

W. Ott

2011, Bachelorarbeit

T. Asch

2009, Dissertation

N. Ruiter

2003, Dissertation