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Administration of the high-performance GPU cluster at IPE

Administration of the high-performance GPU cluster at IPE
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Institute for Data Processing and Electronics

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On appointment 

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Dr. Suren Chilingaryan

To support the development of parallel algorithms, a heterogeneous cluster is operated by IPE. Several generations of parallel accelerators from different HPC vendors are available to the scientists. Due to the heavily heterogeneous configuration and rapid changes of the parallel programming SDKs, the administration of the system is complicated and time consuming.
The student will take care for the administration of the cluster hardware and software.

Supermicro GPU Server
PCle 2.0 Extension Box with 4 GPU adapters


The task includes:

  • System maintenance and upgrades
  • Installation of additional hardware nodes and
  • Configuration of Infiniband and MPI communication
  • Maintenance of parallel SDKs from AMD, Intel, and
  • Administration of Nagios configuration and scripts
  • Problem diagnostics for software and Hardware

Required Skills:
Very good knowledge of Linux and the ability to find and solve system problems; scripting languages.

The position is intended as a long-term engagement with a work time of about 30h per month.



Suren Chilingaryan
+49 721 / 608 26579
Timo Dritschler
+49 721 / 608 25693