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Andreas Kopmann
Dr. Andreas Kopmann

Data Processing Group / IPE
Phone: +49 721 608 2 4910
E-Mail: Andreas Kopmann

Expert Group Data Processing (PDV)

Head: Dr. Andreas Kopmann

The data processing group is specialized on cutting-edge solutions for data acquisition, data management and data analysis for scientific experiments. The group is an active member of various international scientific collaborations.

The activities of the group focus on:

· Flexible „slow control“ systems

For automation tasks PC-based measurement and control systems combined with flexible programming in LabView are used. Standard interfaces like OPC, web services or SQL databases provide easy integration in the data acquisition and management systems.


· Fast data acquisition for detectors in physics

The graphical data acquisition system ORCA has been developed at the universities of Washington and North Carolina for detectors in particle physics. The readout system is used for our FPGA-based DAQ electronics within the Karlsruhe Neutrino Experiment KATRIN or the dark matter experiment Edelweiss.

· Data management with the „Advanced Data Extraction Infrastructure (ADEI)“

The ADEI system is designed to provide an easy, referencable, world-wide access to the complete data of an experiment.   ADEI combines uniform access by its programming interface and web data portal to international collaborations. It is modular to integrate data from very different sources.


· GPU computing for online monitoring systems

The high data rates of modern pixel detectors and advanced algorithms in image processing are demanding for current data acquisition systems. The data processing group is developing solutions to use graphic processors to support classical acquisition systems with online monitoring and analysis for very high data rates.


Parallel Computing Lab

  • GPU Computing Cluster     
  • Real-time Storage Systems
  • High-speed Imaging Systems

KATRIN “Iron Bird”

DAQ Lab (share facility across expert groups in IPE)

  • FPGA-based DAQ systems
  • KATRIN Iron Bird – A test system for the complete KATRIN Detector electronics and data acquisition
  • Edelweiss DAQ System





KATRIN - Karlsruhe Neutrino Experiment

Task leader „DAQ & Database“

           Coordination of the KATRIN-Interface group

"Advanced data extraction infrastructure: web based system for management of time series data."

“Focal-plane detector system for the KATRIN experiment.”




Edelweiss – Dark matter search

            Scalable FPGA-based DAQ and trigger systems

"FPGA-based multi-channel DAQ systems with external PCI express link to GPU compute servers."


KITcube - Overall monitoring system for probing the atmosphere

            Computer infrastructure und data management

            KITcube – a mobile observation platform for convection studies deployed during HyMeX

BESS – Electric energy storage

            Data management


HDRI - High-data Rate Processing and Analysis Initiative

            Task leader: Real-time data processing

            HDRI - High Data Rate Processing and Analysis Initiative

UFO – Ultrafast X-ray tomography

            Further information

            High-speed X-ray tomography by GPU computing

 "When Hardware and Software Work in Concert."

"UFO: A Scalable GPU-based Image Processing Framework for On-line Monitoring."

"Ultra-fast streaming camera platform for scientific applications."

"A GPU-based architecture for real-time data assessment at synchrotron experiments."



TOSKA – Test facility for supraconducting components

           Data management

"Test arrangement for the W7-X HTS-current lead prototype testing."

Pierre Auger Observatory

            Data acquisition and monitoring

"The fluorescence detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory."

"Properties and performance of the prototype instrument for the Pierre Auger Observatory."

"First measurements with the auger fluorescence detector data acquisition system."

Expert Group Data Processing
Titel author Date

J. F. Amsbaugh, et. al.


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