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Dr. Nicole Ruiter
Deputy of the Software Methods Group, Head of USCT Group

Phone: +49 721 608-25668

E-Mail: Nicole Ruiter

Further information

Vom 25.-29. Juni 2018 findet in Leiden (NL) der Workshop "Image Reconstruction from Millimetres to the Globe: Bridging the Gap Between Seismic and Medical Imaging" statt, an dem die Fachgruppe sowohl an der Organisation wie auch mit wissenschaftlichen Vorträgen beteiligt ist. Der Workshop soll Wissenschaftler aus den beiden Disziplinen Seismik und Medizinische Bildverarbeitung zusammenbringen um den algorithmischen Überlapp zu identifizieren und die Zusammenarbeit der Disziplinen zu vertiefen.

Expert Group Software Methods (SWM)


The Software Methods Group (SWM) of IPE develops technologies, methods and algorithms for large-scale data management and analysis of data-intensive problems. Activities range from data collection for data processing to complex workflows to data analysis to visualization to scientific interpretation.

Examples are the development of an Ultrasound Computer Tomography System and the assembly of the Large Scale Data Facility.

The group is contributing to several national and international research projects and to the program of the Helmholtz Association:





All informations about our projects you can find here:


Expert Group Software Methods
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