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Unsere Fachgruppe bietet laufend interessante studentische Arbeiten und Praktika zu den Themen leistungselektronische Module und Batteriemanagement-      systemen an. Wir garantieren optimale Betreuung und bieten eine umfangreiche Ausstattung für die Forschung.

Thomas Blank
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Blank

Electronic Packaging and Interconnects (AVT)
Phone: +49 721 608 2 5618
E-Mail: Thomas Blank

Electronic Packaging Laboratory, KIT Campus North, Building 230

Technical Equipment and Machines

Flip-chip bonder
Thick-wire bonder

Expert Group Electronic Packaging and Interconnects (AVT)

Head: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Blank

Electronics and power electronics systems have different requirements regarding their electrical, mechanical and thermal interconnection and various protection needs against environmental factors.

To meet these challenges, our multi-disciplinary team develops custom solutions for all kinds of electronics assemblies and systems. With the help of our in-house SMD/hybrid laboratory and workshops, we are in the position not only to investigate and invent but also to apply technology and ramp-up small scale production. We focus on the system behind and put emphasis on economic solutions.

Our comprehensive service is available for our partners at KIT, to various large-scale research projects of the Helmholtz Association and industrial customers.

Our research is concentrated on power electronics packaging and the improvement of power electronics lifetime. Beyond state-of-the-art DCB substrates, we work on the next generation of copper-based thick-film technology that support highly integrated power modules. On top of that, we are involved in R&D projects with focus on battery management systems (BMS) and power electronic systems for electrical vehicles (EV).


Our expertise includes:

  • circuit design: circuits and layouts especially for battery management systems and electrical measurement systems
  • production engineering: thick-film technology, solder and bond processes for hybrid circuits, design of printed circuit boards (PCB) and component assembly
  • measurements and characterisation: sheer and hook tests for wire bonds and die attach, characterisation of power electronic modules
  • lifetime: climate cabinet, power cycling test rig for power modules
  • power electronic systems: inverter concepts for photovoltaics and motor drive

Here you can find more information on the Equipment of the Electronic Packaging Group


The project ProPower is a consortium of 21 organizations and is focussed on the development of compact electronic modules for electric vehicles (EV), drives and lighting applications. As partner of prestigious international companies and research centres, IPE develops new packaging concepts for systems with higher performance and lifetime. We focus on sinter die attach on ceramic substrates and copper wire bond technology.

BMS - Battery Management System

Electric vehicles (EV) require high-capacity and reliable battery systems. The heart of the vehicle batteries is the battery management system (BMS). It controls and monitors the cells that form the battery stack and is responsible for safe operation and long lifetime. At IPE, we develop battery management system for various kinds of battery technologies and requirements. Our work builds upon the SMD/ hybrid assembly laboratory and workshops as well as our cooperation with the competence centre for electrical energy storage (CompetenceE).

Compact-Muon-Solenoid (CMS)

Together with the german electron-synchrotron (DESY) and other partners, the IPE develops electronic circuits for physical detector systems for the large-scale experiment Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) at CERN. There, the structure of matter is investigated by the use of high-energy particles. The detection of the high number of different particles puts special requirements on the so-called pixel detector in the innermost of the CMS. With the help of an array of 10 million cells measuring 100 µm x 150 µm each, the particle traces can be observed. Researchers at the IPE work on suitable packaging technologies in order to connect the pixel cells with the data processing system. Further Information

Expert Group Electronic Packaging
Title Author Reference

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