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Matthias Balzer
Dipl.-Phys. Matthias Balzer

Embedded Parallel Systems Group / IPE

Phone: +49 721 608 2 5696
E-Mail: Matthias Balzer

Datenerfassungssystem V4
20 modules for data acquisition
1 module control and read-out of 20 data acquisition boards
100 Mb Ethernet communication
Baugruppe des Datenerfassungssystem V4
24 analog channels of analog signal conditioning and filtering
24 ADC 12bit @ 20MHz
3 FPGA and static RAM for data processing
1 FPGA for control, storage (SDRAM 2GB) and communication

Embedded Parallel Systems Group (EPS)



The core competence of the group is the development of embedded systems consisting of hardware and firmware for fast parallel data acquisition and processing. The various modules can be extended to a massively parallel system with different communication channels. For these systems, special algorithms are developed to meet the requirements in terms of processing speed and data flow. The demanding algorithms are often implemented in FPGAs, since the architecture of these components enables a very effective realization. Our specific hardware developments include both analog and circuits.


The PCB design team of IPE takes advantage of the close and effective cooperation with the developers and the center for electronic packaging of IPE. The simulations for signal integrity, electromagnetic compatibility and thermal analysis have been successfully used for challenging developments.









Here you can find an overview of our projects.  

Expert Group Embedded Parallel Systems
Titel author Date
M. Kleifges for the Pierre Auger Collaboration Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 718 (2013) 499-501
Michele Caselle, Matthias Hofherr, Andreas Kopmann, Alexander Menshikov, Marc Weber, Stefan Wuensch, Konstantin Sergeevich Ilin, Vitali Judin, Anke-Susanne Mueller, Michael Siegel, Nigel John Smale, Petra Thoma, Matthias Balzer, Suren Cilingaryan As proceeding of 4th International Particle Accellerator Conference IPAC 2013. 12-17 May 2013. Shanghai China. WEOBB202
Caselle, M.; Chilingaryan, S.; Herth, A.; Kopmann, A.; Stevanovic, U.; Vogelgesang, M.; Balzer, M.; Weber, M. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science. As proceeding of 18th Real-Time 2012 conference, June 11-15 June, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Birk, M., Zapf, M.; Balzer, M.; Ruiter, N.; Becker, J.

2012, Journal of Real-Time Image Processing

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Embedded Parallel Systems Group
name function phone
Head of Embedded Parallel Systems +49 721 608-25696
  +49 721 608-25903
Embedded Parallel Systems +49 721 608-29142
  +49 721 608-25611
Eingebettete Parallele Systeme
Deputy of Institute +49 721 608-23540
  +49 721 608-24310
+49 721 608-25610
PhD Student +49 721 608-24910
  +49 721 608-25670
PhD Student +49 721 608-24218
  +49 721 608-24410
+49 721 608-29208
  +49 721 608-25977