Development and optimization of a signal processing scheme suitable for multi-qubit applications

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    IPE 21-20

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In the growing field of quantum computing, different physical implementations of quantum bits (qubits) exist. One promising candidate are qubits based on superconducting material. To readout the state of these qubits, microwave pulses with frequencies of tens of megahertz (typically after heterodyne downconversion from gigahertz frequencies) and durations in the nanosecond regime have to be digitized and processed.

At IPE, we develop an FPGA-based hardware platform (based on the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC) that can generate and evaluate such pulses. Multiple qubits can be addressed using a frequency division multiplexing (FDM) scheme.

In this master thesis, an existing signal processing scheme for single qubits should be revised and extended for FDM measurements. This includes the selection and implementation of one or multiple suitable filters to process the microwave pulses and discriminate the qubit states. Special care has to be taken in terms of resource-effectiveness and timing performance. A reconfigurable area on the FPGA shall enable advanced users to employ custom signal processing in a well-defined environment. As the platform is already used in experiments, there is also the opportunity to measure with the developed functionality in a qubit laboratory.

Good knowledge of hardware design and signal processing, as well as prior experience with FPGA development using VHDL is required.

Knowledge in C++ and Python is beneficial. Particular physics knowledge is not necessary.

We are a young, motivated and interdisciplinary team at Campus North working at the intersection of physics, electrical engineering and computer science. If you are interested in joining our mission towards building a quantum computer feel free to contact us.

Language: English or German

Location: Building 242 (IPE), Campus North

Contact: Richard Gebauer (richard gebauer does-not-exist.kit edu)