Dr. Michael Meisser

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Dr. Michael Meisser


Resonant Behaviour of Pulse Generators for the Efficient Drive of Optical Radiation Sources Based on Dielectric Barrier Discharges

Dissertation, Tag der mündlichen Prüfung: 10.07.2013 


  • Hamilton, D.; Riches, S.; Meisser, M.; Mawby, P.

        High temperature thermal cycling performance of DBA, AMB and thick film power module       


        CIPS, Nuremberg, Germany (2016)

  •  Blank, T.; Brungs, M.; Kübel, C.; Leyrer, B.; Meisser, M.; Weber, M.; Rudzki, J.; Osterwald, F.; Wilke, K.; Busche, N.; Eisele, R.

        Low Temperature Silver Sinter Processes on ENIG-Surfaces

        CIPS, Nuremberg, Germany (2016)

  •   Meisser, M.; Demattio, H.; Blank, T.

        Static Characterization of Discrete State-of-the-Art SiC Power Transistors - real-life properties of SiC devices unveiled



        PCIM Europe, Nürnberg, Germany (2016)

  • Meisser, M.; Schmenger, M.; Bernd, M.; Blank, T.

       Highly integrated SiC module with thick-film dielectric allows for high frequency operation



        CIPS, Nürnberg, Germany (2016)

  • Meisser, M.; Schmenger, M. ; Leyrer, B.; Bernd, M.; Blank, T.

        Kupfer-Dickfilmstrukturen für Silizium-Karbid Leistungsmodule mit hoher Integrationsdichte

        MST-Kongress, Karlsruhe, Germany (2015)

  • Schmenger, M.; Meisser, M.; Hamilton, D.; Leyrer, B.; Bernd, M.; Mawby, P.; Blank, T.

         Highly integrated power modules basing on copper thick-film-on-DCB for high frequency operation

         of SiC semiconductors - design and manufacture

         EPE, Geneva, Switzerland (2015)

  • Meisser, M.; Schmenger, M. ; Blank, T.

          Parasitics in Power Electronic Modules: How parasitic inductance influences switching and how it can be minimized

          PCIM, Nuremberg, Germany (2015)

  • Meisser, M.; Hamilton, D.; Blank, T.; Mawby, P.

          DCB-based low-inductive SiC modules for high-frequency operation



          CIPS, NurembergGermany (2014)


  • Meisser, M.; Hamilton, D.; Blank, T.; Mawby, P.

          Low-inductive compact SiC power modules for high-frequency operation 
    PCIM Europe, Nuremberg, Germany (2014)

  •  K. Hähre, M. Meisser, F. Denk, R. Kling, W. Heering

          Switching Speed-Control of an Optimized Capacitor-Clamped Normally-On Silicon Carbide JFET Cascode
    15th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference, EPE-PEMC 2012 ECCE Europe, Novi Sad, Serbia(2012)

  • M. Meisser, K. Messerschmidt, R. Kling

          MOSFET Matrix-Switch for Pulsed Operation of Plasma Optical Radiation Sources
    4th Euro-Asian Pulsed Power Conference and 19th International Conference on High-Power Particle Beams (EAPPC-BEAMS), Karlsruhe (2012)

  • K. Hähre, M. Meisser, F. Denk, R. Kling

          Characterization and Comparison of Commercially Available Silicon Carbid (SiC) Power Switches
    6th International Conference on Power Electronics, Motion and Drives (PEMD2012), Bristol, UK (2012)

  • M. Meisser, K. Hähre

         Impedance Characterization of High-Frequency Gate Drive Circuits for Silicon RF MOSFET and Silicon-Carbide Field-Effect Transistors
   PCIM Europe, Nuremberg, Germany (2012)


  • M. Meisser, K. Hähre, R. Kling

          Impedance Characterization of High Frequency Power Electronic Circuits
    PEMD conference, Bristol, UK (2012)

  • M. Meisser, R. Kling, W. Heering

          Transformerless High Voltage Pulse Generators for Bipolar Drive of Dielectric Barrier Discharges
     PCIM conference and exhibition, Nuremberg, Germany (2011)

  • M. Meisser, R. Kling, W. Heering

          Universal Resonant Topology for High Frequency Pulsed Operation of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Light Sources
    Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exhibition, APEC 2011, Fort Worth, TX, USA (2011)

  • M. Meisser, M. Paravia, R. Kling, W. Heering

          Driving of dielectric barrier discharge lamps with a pulsed transformer-less full-bridge topology
    Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on the Science and Technology of Light Sources an the 3rd International Conference on White LEDs and Solid State Lighting (LS12-WLED3) , 39 - 40, Eindhoven, Netherlands (2010)

  • M. Meisser, M. Paravia, W. Heering, R. Kling

         Resonance Behaviour of a Pulsed Electronic Control Gear for Dielectric Barrier Discharges
   Power Electronics Motion Control Conference, PEMD 2010, Brighton, UK (2010)

  • M. Meisser, M. Paravia, W. Heering, R. Kling

         Single period sinusoidal pulse generator for efficient drive of dielectric barrier discharges
    International Conference on Power Electronics Intelligent Motion Power Quality, PCIM, Nuremberg, Germany (2010)

  • M. Paravia, M. Meisser, W. Heering

          Plasma Efficiency and Losses for pulsed Xe Excimer DBDs at high Power Densities
    62nd Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference, GEC, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA (2009)

  • M. Paravia, M. Meisser, K. Trampert, W. Heering

          Arguments for increased efficiency of a Xe excimer DBD by pulsed instead of sinusoidal excitation
    61st Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference, GEC, Dallas, TX, USA (2008)