Analog signal processing is an essential component of many of our developments. It provides the basis for innovative sensor and detector systems as well as for high-resolution data acquisition systems that can only be realized in an interdisciplinary way. Challenges are especially low noise, high signal frequencies, fast digitization as well as the reliable function of our circuits under extreme environmental conditions.

In the department MSA we develop high-precision measurement and control electronics for experiments in particle physics (KATRIN) and new data communication systems based on silicon photonics for applications in particle physics and photon science. Another focus of our work is the development of complete measurement systems, such as microcontroller-based sensor systems or the scalable quench detection system. With our expertise we support further projects at IPE in the field of high-frequency technology (microcalorimeter) and ultrasonic sensor technology (USCT).

Our technologies

  • Precision signal acquisition and control at KATRIN
  • Optical data transmission and silicon photonics
  • Quench detection in superconducting magnet coils
  • Remote ADC (DAQ for Tristan)
  • GHz frontend for magnetic microcalorimeters and qubits