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Matter and Technologies

The Matter and Technologies (MT) programme uses large research infrastructures such as accelerators, radiation sources and detectors to investigate fundamental scientific questions about the origin and nature of matter. At KIT, this program includes both accelerator research and development (ARD) and detector technologies and systems (DTS). The IPE is specialized in DTS.

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Matter and the Universe

The Matter and the Universe (MU) program explores the properties of the smallest subatomic particles and the forces between them that determine the properties of matter and the universe. Fundamental insights into the structure of matter have been gained both with the methods of nuclear and elementary particle physics and through observations and measurements of astroparticle physics at the interfaces of nuclear and particle physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology.

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Storage and Cross-linked Infrastructures

The Storage and Cross-linked Infrastructures (SCI) programme is dedicated to the research and development of different energy storage systems and efficient infrastructures to compensate for the volatile energy supply of renewable energies and to meet the challenges of energy transmission and distribution.

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Science and Technology of Nanosystems

The Science and Technology of Nanosystems (STN) programme is working to control and shape materials from the atomic and molecular to the macroscopic scale to explore their full potential of novel functionalities.
Research and development here focuses on quantum phenomena and molecular building blocks, new and novel functional materials, and new optical and photonic systems.

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