The interdisciplinary field of medical technology and life sciences is centered on the development of products, devices and processes for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases. At IPE the field of application is mainly ultrasound imaging, the most frequently used imaging modality in medicine. We are working on improvement of the methods, possible applications in therapy and automatic integration with other imaging methods.

Ultrasound computer tomography

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women: 1,600,000 cases of breast cancer occur worldwide each year. Although the breast is not a vital organ, the chances of recovery are not yet as good as they could be. Detected and localized in time, breast cancer is very well treatable. The "3D Ultrasound Computer Tomography" (USCT) project is developing a new imaging method for early detection of breast cancer that promises three-dimensional images in high resolution. Our goal is to detect a tumor with an average size of 5 mm in order to enable earlier diagnosis and thus greatly increase the chances of cure.

Technology: Ultrasound computer tomography

Medical image processing

Medical image processing plays a central role in medical diagnostics and therapy. Multimodal data from a wide variety of imaging methods, large data volumes due to increasingly higher image resolution and three-dimensional images are just some of the challenges faced by doctors in differential diagnostics. Modern image processing provides the key to a more efficient and accurate, sometimes even automated, diagnosis and therapy planning.

Technology: Medical image processing

Ultrasound therapy systems

In addition to its application in medical diagnostics, ultrasound can also be used for the therapy of a wide range of clinical pictures. Here, the mechanical and thermal effect of the ultrasound waves on the tissue is used. For reliable and safe applications, we at the IPE develop novel therapeutic approaches and related hardware and software.

Technology: Ultrasound therapy systems

ASIC sensors for medical applications

Technology: ASIC sensors for medical applications